It’s not just photography. It’s not just TV. It’s not just broadcast. It’s visual communication that encompasses traditional media channels, and new digital channels as well.

Our award-winning in-house photography includes a range of equipment to capture the tone, feeling and mood needed for your project. But it’s not just equipment that does that. It’s the people behind the lens, who have a clear vision of what you are conveying. Cameras in house that we use include a Canon C500 cinema camera, Canon 5D Mark 3, GoPro’s, and Canon Cine glass and Canon L Series lenses. Support systems include a Ronin Gimbal, professional steadycam, a Dana Dolly slider, Sachtler tripods, Avenger stands, wireless field monitors for viewing photos/footage on location and large scale video village for client viewing. Lighting packages include four 1600-watt Alien Bee strobes with soft boxes and a wireless kit for still photography, and LED panels and Arri Portable Tungsten Video light kit for videography. We can also expand our equipment list for larger shoots through our awesome relationships with our partners. We have access to everything from Techno Cranes, to 3 ton grip trucks with enough lights to create another sun.

Once we have captured high-resolution photo and video files, we manipulate and enhance the images and video with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Magic Bullet Looks. This produces still images optimized for printed materials, photo booths/large format printing, web/online/mobile, as well as video optimized for broadcast quality, 4k ultra high definition and web/online/mobile.

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