& Testing

Will it work? These three words guide everything we develop.

Is it working? These three words guide everything we implement.

Did it work? These three words guide everything we’ve completed.

Let’s look at that a bit more closely. At the development stage, we provide a unique testing model to determine what messaging, photo, headline, size, shape or type of communication provides the most possible responses. We learn what messaging, artwork or ad results in the most clicks and conversions by continually A/B testing ads against one another to uncover the “most effective message.” Sometimes the most effective ad may be much different than we expect–but online ad testing takes away subjectivity and provides unbiased and instantaneous results to help shape current and future campaigns. We continue that testing during implementation to make sure we are getting the best possible results.

Online, in addition to A/B testing of ads, we also test various landing pages to determine the best page to send visitors to for increased conversions and engagement.

Outside of online data, BHW1 offers quantitative and qualitative research, including surveys, polls, focus groups and more to provide key insight into consumer behavior before, during and after marketing efforts.

And finally, armed with all the data collected throughout development and implementation, we create an analysis of the entire project or campaign, and compare it to the benchmark goals.

Why do we do this? Because we don’t want you to just trust us based on instinct or feeling. We want to earn that trust by showing you exactly how to succeed, and then following it up by proving that success. That might be part of the reason why we have working relationships with clients that have stretched beyond 20 years…and counting.