Media GPS

You know what a GPS is: a device that tells you where you are, and helps you plan a route for where you’re going. Our unique offering, MediaGPS™, helps you discover where your current media buying efforts are, and helps you map a clear path forward.

How can we do this? It starts with experience. As you can see from this handy-dandy map graphic, we have a host of experience negotiating and buying spot media in literally hundreds of markets across the United States.

Leveraging that experience and expertise, we developed MediaGPS™ as a comprehensive media planning system. It helps us measure every step. It saves you money. And it ensures the messages we develop get seen…and get results. MediaGPS™ has six distinct components:

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Development of strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Buying & monitoring
  • Post-buy analysis

The system not only delivers media buys at optimum efficiency, but also holds media outlets accountable for the ratings they forecast. If the ratings are not accurate, you receive makegoods. It’s perhaps a bit of a shift in mindset, but think of it this way: we are not buying programming. We are buying the eyeballs that see (or ears that hear) that programming. If the numbers don’t match, the makegoods address that discrepancy.

Here’s the Proof

A new client (which shall remain nameless) asked us to analyze a recent media buy prepared by a regional media-buying firm (which shall also remain nameless). After our MediaGPS™ revealed key insights, we were able to give the client the option of:

  • Purchasing an identical schedule for 25% less, OR
  • For the same money, creating a better schedule which resulted in a 53% increase in total rating points (TRPs) over their current buy.

Here’s the Proof: The Sequel

Another recent client implemented our MediaGPS™ approach, which increased their Target Rating Points by 49% over their previous California-based media-buying firm’s recommendations…for the same budget. That’s 49% more for the same price. (We don’t say that to hack on California; we really like several of their city and resort destinations.)

Here’s the Proof: The Final Conflict

Every client that has allowed us to implement our MediaGPS™ system has realized greater efficiencies on their traditional media buys.

Every. Single. Client.

That’s a 100% success rate, and a rate we’d love to bring to your media placement needs.

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