Every person has a personality. Every company has a personality, as well. We call it a brand, but it really is nothing more than a personality: how you interact with your customers, your potential customers, new people who have never met you, and so on. So the question becomes: what kind of personality do you convey? Are you an authoritative expert? A fun companion? A trusted advisor?

We can help you uncover and refine your brand. That starts with a logo, which communicates what makes your business unique. It reinforces exactly who you are. To someone who’s never been exposed to your company, your logo is the company. At BHW1, we make sure nothing is lost in the translation. We bring typography, color, shape, illustration and composition into balance, and work with you to reflect the core values and ideas of your business. We make certain your logo is consistent and effective across all forms of communication, from 10-foot trade show banners to coffee mugs and business cards.

The first step in the design process is to absorb. We listen to your ideas, observe your corporate personality, and familiarize ourselves with the tone and character of your communication. And we treat it as a true collaboration. You know your business. We know design. Working together, we determine the right message and direction, so we can determine the look, feel and color that accurately represent you to the world.

Want some examples? Check out our logo work here.