The formula for a successful digital campaign is rather simple. Get the right ad, to the right audience, at the right time.

Applying that formula is somewhat more complicated, but we’ve refined the process to a literal science on behalf of numerous clients.

Your audiences are online. There’s no getting around that; even kindly old grandmothers are rocking their iPads nowadays, so let’s just get over the notion that anyone has an audience that’s too specialized for digital campaigns. This is, in fact, a great opportunity; digital platforms offer a host of ways to target your audiences where they are spending their time. Sophisticated online technologies let us target where your name is mentioned, where your competitors’ names are mentioned, where they are searching for information relevant to you (keyword search)…and importantly, where they go even after they’ve moved on to other subjects or interests. We can capture and retarget the people you want to communicate with as they make their way to other online destinations.

We make it all happen with:

  • Online strategy development
  • Creative production including:
    + Display ads
    + Social media ads
    + Search ads
    + Pre-roll video production
    + Rich media ads
    + Online content production
    + Online ad buys/placement
    + Online video (promoted and pre-roll)
    + Mobile
  • Ongoing placement optimization:
    + Proprietary tools and human touch optimization help us get the best return on your investment
  •  Intensive targeting capabilities:
    + Geo Targeting
    + Behavioral Targeting
    + Demographic Targeting
    + Interest Targeting
    + Brand Targeting
    + Retargeting
    + Search engine optimization
    + A/B testing to find “the most effective message.”

With each campaign we create a matrix of variables (headline, photo, colors, buttons, call to action, size, etc.) to test against each other…thereby discovering which message is the most effective at generating results.