If you build it, they will come. But only if you build it the right way. And for a communication campaign, that means you start building with a solid strategy. Yes, we realize every agency brags about being strategic, and beginning with a solid plan and research. And we realize that kind of talk can start to sound trite. But results do all the speaking for our efforts, and you know what? We’ve never met a client who feels that surpassing goals is trite.

We use a collaborative strategic planning process, working with you to identify your key communication points and triggers…and importantly, matching them to your overall business plan. Each strategic communication plan includes, at a minimum:

  • In-depth situation analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Breakout of objectives and goals
  • Demographic and psychographic data
  • Anticipated challenges
  • Key opportunities
  • Detailed descriptions of recommended tactics and communication tools

To begin the whole plan, we include a number of strategic planning sessions with your team—typically three to five—and use those sessions to discuss your past path, as well as chart a roadmap for the future.

Coupled with this, we also conduct primary and secondary research to glean insights about your industry, key operational and marketing trends, position against competitors, and much more.

Armed with this information, we begin to assimilate information into an overall plan, which is our key deliverable.

Does it work? Ask any of our clients.