Our Culture

Our agency is filled with a mix of people who know how to do their work, and people who know how to play well with others. Wait, don’t let those eyes glaze over. We know every ad agency blathers about a collaborative atmosphere…but the dirty secret is, most of the time that collaborative atmosphere is filled with giant egos who only want to hear about how wonderful they are. A group of people who are genuinely talented, and who genuinely work well together, is nearly unheard of in this business. But we fight for it. Always have. And we have a team of people who are fighting with us to keep it that way. Clients benefit. We benefit. Life is good.

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  • Russ Wheat

    Department: Principals

    Some people are big picture thinkers. Some are able to focus on details. Some invent new ideas, while others find ways to inject innovation into existing systems. And then there’s Russ, who is one of those “All of the Above” people. In a career that spans more than 20 years, Russ has innovated media and marketing for literally hundreds of clients, and created proprietary offerings at BHW1 such as our Media GPS audit systems.

    Russ oversees media functions and serves as Account Supervisor on key accounts. He oversees agency operations. And during the summer, he oversees the steaks as they go on the grill out on our deck.

    Russ Wheat
  • Greg Birchell

    Department: Principals

    He can market women’s fashion…and then switch gears to promote transit systems. He loves guiding work for his hometown of Spokane…and work that’s reached global audiences overseas. In his 20+ years, Greg has handled numerous high-profile success stories at every stage of the marketing lifecycle from brand introductions to brand turnarounds.

    Greg serves as Executive Creative Director on all agency accounts, and as Account Supervisor on key accounts, guiding all strategic and creative services. His talent for concocting the perfect Manhattan cocktail has earned him fame on both coasts.

    Greg Birchell