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University of Idaho


The University of Idaho wanted to create a low-cost, high-impact campaign to convince students to update their emergency contact information. Yes, it’s about as exciting as it sounds…and probably not on the top of the “to do” list for 18-22 year old students. Additionally, the client wanted to educate students on how to make an emergency plan, how to create an emergency kit, and how to get involved.


BHW1 has experience in prompting action around socially-important but hard-to-talk-about-issues. The University of Idaho came to BHW1 seeking help in convincing uninterested students to update their contact information (for emergency text alerts) and educate students on the importance of making an emergency kit.


The integrated campaign was designed around a hypothetical zombie attack: if you can be prepared for zombies, you can be prepared for anything. The tagline became “Use Your Brain. Or the Zombies Will.”

The campaign focused efforts where students spent their time. This included on-campus teaser posters and guerilla messages, school newspaper print ads, Facebook ads, school email, on-site events, online videos, incentives and QR codes, which at the time was a relatively new and untapped strategy.

This multi-prong approach reinforced messages across channels to achieve optimal frequency and the tools used were specific to the age group.


Landing Page

Landing Page

Resistance Posters

Initial teaser posters were posted around campus to build interest before distributing posters with additional information.

Resistance Posters


As part of the teaser portion of the campaign, we created a metal stencil to be used with spray chalk around campus.


Print Ads

Print Ads


Exceeded Contact Updates

Exceeded goal of students updating contact information (1,629, 12% of student body, updated information)

Exceeded Awareness

Exceeded awareness objectives with emails received by 13,396 students

Exceeded Goals

Exceeded goals of website hits, video watches, Facebook clicks and student pledges to be involved