Healthcare isn’t just a hot button topic in our culture; it’s perhaps THE hot button topic. With the wave of change and transformation, it’s never going to be the same. Marketing that keeps pace can’t stay the same either.

Internally, the healthcare industry is facing greater challenges such as rising costs, constantly-changing revenue models, additional regulation, and an increasingly self-informed healthcare consumer. Provider organizations, and all businesses aligned with healthcare, have to adapt to the market.

We work with healthcare brands that don’t simply intend to react to and change with the market, but who intend to lead it. Our efforts have three central areas of focus:

Branding: Create an ownable brand promise that can be communicated to consumers, and to constituencies, including staff, physicians and volunteers.

Differentiation: Offer consumers, physicians, staff, and the communities served reasons to choose our clients over the competition.

Response: Our messaging is always, always created to elicit a response from the intended audiences. To help accomplish this, we use primary and secondary research, test our messages with consumers, and set up analytics to measure ROI, KPIs and other relevant factors.

Some of the clients we’ve worked with in healthcare marketing include:

  • Kootenai Health
  • Northwest Cryobank
  • Center for Reproductive Health
  • Inland Northwest Health Services
  • St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute
  • Northwest Ob-Gyn
  • Healthcare Resource Group


Kootenai Health "Sophie" Campaign

The Kootenai Health “Sophie” branding campaign was developed to showcase the increased level of commitment to patients in both care and innovative technologies. The campaign featured clean and friendly design paired with custom photography focused on the patient experience.

Kootenai Health







Kootenai Health "Your Strength" Campaign

Kootenai Health



Heart Clinics Northwest

Heart Clinics Northwest



This TV spot features real-life triathlete and patient Joe Quercio as he practices all three of his disciplines. The spot features includes underwater footage and a custom post-production lighting effect for added visual interest.



NW Cryobank

NW Cryobank