Our Culture

Our agency is filled with a mix of people who know how to do their work, and people who know how to play well with others. Wait, don’t let those eyes glaze over. We know every ad agency blathers about a collaborative atmosphere…but the dirty secret is, most of the time that collaborative atmosphere is filled with giant egos who only want to hear about how wonderful they are. A group of people who are genuinely talented, and who genuinely work well together, is nearly unheard of in this business. But we fight for it. Always have. And we have a team of people who are fighting with us to keep it that way. Clients benefit. We benefit. Life is good.

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  • Russ Wheat

    Department: Principals

    Some people are big picture thinkers. Some are able to focus on details. Some invent new ideas, while others find ways to inject innovation into existing systems. And then there’s Russ, who is one of those “All of the Above” people. In a career that spans more than 20 years, Russ has innovated media and marketing for literally hundreds of clients, and created proprietary offerings at BHW1 such as our Media GPS audit systems.

    Russ oversees media functions and serves as Account Supervisor on key accounts. He oversees agency operations. And during the summer, he oversees the steaks as they go on the grill out on our deck.

    Russ Wheat
  • Greg Birchell

    Department: Principals

    He can market women’s fashion…and then switch gears to promote transit systems. He loves guiding work for his hometown of Spokane…and work that’s reached global audiences overseas. In his 20+ years, Greg has handled numerous high-profile success stories at every stage of the marketing lifecycle from brand introductions to brand turnarounds.

    Greg serves as Executive Creative Director on all agency accounts, and as Account Supervisor on key accounts, guiding all strategic and creative services. His talent for concocting the perfect Manhattan cocktail has earned him fame on both coasts.

    Greg Birchell
  • Tony Hines

    Department: Creative

    Tony has been a technogeek, novelist, entrepreneur and advertising agency owner/principal throughout a 20-year career, working with recognizable brands such as The North Face, Sun Valley Resort, Easton Sports, Taco Time International and others while garnering more than 100 awards and recognitions. His record in air guitar competitions is a perfect 3-0; his record in boxing matches is a perfect 0-1.

    Tony Hines
  • Jamie SiJohn

    Department: Account Management

    Once in a great while, you’ll meet someone who has a remarkable ability to bring together a variety of resources, a variety of voices, and a variety of perspectives…and somehow create a singular vision to move forward. Which is to say, once in a great while, you’ll meet someone like Jamie. Prior to joining BHW1, Jamie was the Public Relations Director for the Spokane Tribe, working with various media contacts and creating initiatives to spotlight the tribal community, people, history and culture. Her past experience includes more than 20 years of work with all forms of media as a PR specialist, as well as social media marketing.

    As an Account Manager at BHW1, Jamie develops client relationships and programs, with a special emphasis on tribal businesses and economic development projects.

    Jamie SiJohn
  • Michelle Morin-Machi

    Department: Account Management

    Michelle comes by her San Francisco Giants fandom honestly: she guided the team’s marketing during her tenure as an Account Director. Guess that also makes her a fan of mega-brands such as Bank of America, Intuit, Comcast, Southern California Edison, Itron, AT&T and others she has guided—first in the Bay area beginning in 1986, and as an Account Manager and Supervisor in Spokane since 2011.

    Michelle Morin-Machi
  • Nancy Nabors

    Department: Administration

    As Business Manager, Nancy gets up close and personal with numbers. She oversees financial transactions, including monthly invoicing and payments on behalf of clients. A Texas native, Nancy is easily able to greet you with the traditional Lone Star salutation: “Howdy, y’all!”

    Nancy Nabors
  • Karen Kager

    Department: Creative

    As Production and Traffic Manager, Karen serves as a liaison among the creative department, the account management department, clients, and outside vendors. Which is to say Karen is often that sense of calm in the eye of the storm. Karen is so adept at what she does that we often say we wish we had a clone of her…which is interesting because she has an identical twin (a twin, alas, who has no interest in advertising).

    Karen Kager
  • Nicole Modie

    Department: Creative

    For more than a dozen years, Nicole has created literally hundreds of projects for clients ranging from tourism to finance to film—including complex guides and publications distributed internationally. In 2012, she packed up her lunch boxes to join BHW1.

    Yes, we said lunch boxes. Not content to collect mundane objects such as stamps or coins, Nicole’s always on the lookout for items such as lunch boxes, snow domes and floaty pens.

    Nicole Modie
  • Heather Christensen

    Department: Administration

    As half of our front desk “agency host” (a position she shares with Colleen), Heather handles phones, meeting schedules, office administration and serves as resident caterer for agency festivities.

    Heather Christensen
  • Lorri Johnston

    Department: Creative

    Twenty-five years ago, Lorri crafted a career around what she loves to do in her spare time. She doodles, sketches, paints, reads, sings, and rides a ridiculously fast motorcycle – each fueling her passion for commercial art. Her career began in Seattle where she served as an art director, college instructor, creative director, and sole proprietor of a visual communications firm. A few of her clients included: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART San Francisco), Compaq, Holland America, Microsoft, The Seattle Coffee Company, and World Vision. No longer content to spend countless hours stuck in rush hour traffic, she returned to her roots in Eastern Washington. These days you are just as likely to find Lorri cruising the streets on her KTM motorcycle as you are to see her pushing pixels around on the screen.

    Lorri Johnston